Microsoft Power BI

Transform your data-driven capabilities by turning your raw data into powerful business insights With Power BI. Strategically track and share your analytical data leveraging user dashboards using cross devices.



Convert your data into powerful decision-making insights, key metrics, and other analytical reports in visual representation to predict data and instantly make decisions. Microsoft Power BI allows to instantly create extensive reports and visualize them using dashboards. Further, these reports can be shared with people in your organization enabling them to make timely yet productive decisions.

With Power BI Desktop, drive effective data strategy by integrating your data source. Keeping on-premises, build interactive reports and visualized analytics to make smarter and faster decisions. business central cash flow dashboard
Power BI Service is a powerful solution that helps to visualize data, reports, and analytics throughout your organization to empower your workforce with productivity-driven decisions in real-time. Automate & Streamline Supply Chain
Leverage mobile intelligence with Power BI Mobile. It allows people in your organization to generate custom reports and visual analytics as well as share the same instantly to encourage decision-making. Sell Smarter with Improved Customer Service


Why Choose Power BI as a Business Suite for Your Enterprise Business Needs?


Highly Customizable

Power BI comes with flexible configuration and customization capabilities matching to your customized business context. It can be integrated seamlessly with other Microsoft apps or your existing system.


Transform Your Data

Empower your reporting and analytics capabilities with Power BI. Allows your workforce to create highly embedded visual reports & insights and publish & share the same to ensure data-driven strategies.


Secure & Reliable

Ensure global compliances management and regulations with highly secured and reliable Power BI implementation. Power BI is designed with inbuilt security features that drive growth and scalability.


Easy User Adaptation

Power BI is designed with an easy-to-use interface and drag & drop functionality that assists in quick user-adaption to instantly create decision-making reports, visual charts, and actionable data representations.


Uplift Your Business with Power BI Services



Drive standard reporting and AI analytics by availing of highly customized Power BI implementation.


Stay updated with upgraded business capabilities by upgrading your existing Power BI system.


Stay ensured that your business operations are at their peak efficiency with our Power BI support.

Let’s Connect & Discuss

Connect and discuss your reporting and analytics requirement,
we can implement your Power BI defining your customized needs.

Let’s Connect & Discuss

Connect and discuss your reporting and analytics requirement,
we can implement your Power BI defining your customized needs.


Power BI Pricing & Licensing

Power BI Pro


Per user/month

Power BI Premium


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Power BI is a high-end reporting and analytics tool that is used to create powerful reports, visuals, and other actionable data that can be effortlessly shared within the organization. Microsoft comes with its in-built capability that allows its seamless configuration with Microsoft’s apps and integration with third-party apps. Further, created reports can be visualized on user dashboards that encourage effective decision-making.
Yes, Power BI is configured with the capability of creating paginated reports being used for ensuring PDF version. Paginated report feature comes and can be availed of with Power BI premium plan. Enterprises can leverage a quick and single integrated view of paginated reports by publishing them on dashboards throughout their organizational space.

Power BI is a powerful data visualization and business analytics tool that makes effective use of the data sources you connect with and prepares your data for budgeting and forecasting insights.

You could have data on MS Excel, Salesforce, or QuickBooks; Power BI utilizes your data sources and prepares your data for budgeting and forecasting insights. For instance, it could be sales forecasting reports, production analysis, operational budgets, Cashflow statements, asset planning, and more. To know more about how it works, you can contact Dynamics Square.

Power BI is a high-end data analytics, key reporting, and graphical analysis tool that allows creating standard AI reports whether to reveal sales insights, customer analytics, or finance metrics.

Power BI is designed as a powerhouse of reporting & analytics capabilities (configured with AI intelligence and hosted over the cloud) considering the increasing modern business needs and rapidly changing industrial adaption. In the case of traditional BI implementations, enterprises may require compromising at some level in terms of functionality, implementation flexibility, and more.

Power BI comes with both on-premises and on-cloud facilitation. Users can either keep their visual reports and key analytics on their on-premises systems or can access and share them leveraging on-cloud facilitation which doesn’t seem possible in the case of traditional BI. Cloud facilitation reduces upfront cost, investment in hardware part, etc.

Power BI allows enterprises to create custom reports, visual analytics, and graphical representation. Further, all such key data can be shared and demonstrated on user dashboards to support or roll out the instant decision-making throughout the enterprise walls. With Power BI, enterprises can accelerate their process execution, improve their production line, and can faster user adaption which could not be possible in the case of traditional BI.

Power BI is a highly embedded SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution that allows you to create reports using your desktop or on-premises environment. These reports can be moved to the cloud later. So, it’s your choice whether you want to share your data over the cloud or just want to keep it safe in your on-premises systems with the flexibility of accessing and sharing in your own terms.

When it comes to Report Server, it allows you to create powerful interactive reports leveraging SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). Report Server is designed as an enterprise-level platform that enables enterprises to scale thousands of users.

Initially, Power BI Desktop is freely available to download and use. Enterprises can register their business at no cost and can instantly start creating basic reports. To share these reports, you have to go with a Power BI Pro license. To implement Power BI, connect and consult with Dynamics Square’s experts.

Power BI is a highly configurable and customizable BI reporting & Analytics platform. It can seamlessly be customized suited to your specific business model and advanced reporting & analytical needs. To support your continuously changing or increasing reporting needs, you can even update your Power BI system with more reporting capabilities post-implementation too.

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