Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Explore new Supply Chain capabilities, optimize resources, maximize operational efficiency, and accelerate time to market while keeping real-time eyes in your end-to-end supply chain operations.

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Bring a unified view of your entire supply chain cycle from inventory, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, and more along with predictive data to support instant and strategic decision-making. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain helps organizations simplify, streamline, and accelerate their supply chain practices just to produce, drive, and scale high.

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, accelerate time to market, simplify your order management, and seamlessly manage & resolve product quality issues to improve customer satisfaction. business central cash flow dashboard
Improve demand & distribution planning leveraging AI-based demand forecasting. Automate & streamline your sales, production, and resource allocation while maximizing equipment utilization and minimizing overtime. business central cash flow dashboard
Drive omnichannel inventory with real-time access, automate your logistics and warehousing processes, simplify your procurement management, and estimate accurate landed costs with D365 Supply Chain Management. business central cash flow dashboard
Bring agility and scalability in your manufacturing processes, minimize errors, and drive business continuity even in remote locations by implementing Dynamics Supply Chain module embedded with AI, IoT, and Mixed Reality. business central cash flow dashboard
Automate resource scheduling, reduce machine downtime, and proactively manage critical supply chain operations by applying predictive maintenance, and improving equipment effectiveness all through D365 Supply Chain Solutions. business central cash flow dashboard

Supply chain management features

Why Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?


Automate & Unify Operations

Bring automation in your entire supply chain pipeline to accelerate processes while reducing redundant tasks. Streamline operations with a unified data view of inventory, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and more.


Drive Innovation & Scalability 

Maximize operational efficiency, optimize your workforce productivity, drive scalability by bringing transparency in your supply chain cycle from ordering, warehousing, forecasting to inventory management and automation. 


Drive Strategic Planning

With Microsoft 365 Supply Chain Management, turn your supply chain and logistics data into predictive analytics to make informed decisions and drive strategic planning for better revenue outcomes. 


Optimize Resources

Keep tracking your inventory levels, improve cost management, predict customer demand, and enable better resource and inventory planning to drive productive growth while reducing downtime and eliminating redundancies. 

Supply Chain Management Services

Drive Productive Growth with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Solutions


Elevate your business efficiency with our strategic and highly customized D365 Supply Chain Management. 


Upgrade your business capabilities with our seamless Supply Chain upgrade services. 


Enjoy uninterrupted business flow to maximize growth with our premium support services.

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Discuss your business requirement with us, we can suggest a highly customized solution for your Business.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management pricing

Build a consistent and flexible supply chain by our Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Packages

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Build Resilience with an Agile Supply Chain with Dynamics 365. Enhance Customer Service. Drive Business Sales. Manage Topline Revenue. Market Smarter. Services: Cloud-Based CRM, Customer Support, Automate Sales, Marketing Features.


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Supply Chain Management FAQ's

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is an all-in-one package to simplify and transform the supply chain practices for small to medium scale businesses. Dynamics Supply Chain module empowers your supply chain workforce with not just planning and logistics capabilities, even it enables to gain predictive insights and other real-time connectivity across supply chain operations including production, planning, warehousing, and transportation management to boost operational efficiency while maximizing profitability and scalability.

To know more about how D365 Supply Chain Management solutions can help to improve and maximize your supply chain efficiency, Dynamics Square can help.

Considering the rapid changes in the industry, increasing customer demand, and continuously evolving market competitions, businesses are required to implement a solution to streamline and automate their supply chain operations.

Initially, you can manage your operations manually. Once your business starts growing, you need to support your business continuity with smart business solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – a cloud-based solution to seamlessly roll out your supply chain efficiency.

Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain is embedded with AI, Mixed Reality, and IoT capabilities, that help to eliminate your repetitive tasks, empower your workforce to make instant strategic decisions, and reduce downtime for your equipment to eventually drive continuity, scale faster, and remain productive.

Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management is the key solution to manage all your supply chain, warehousing, and operational needs. You can stay updated with all the happening in real-time with D365 Supply Chain Management services. Whether you want to keep real-time eyes on your inventory status, simplify your procurement process, or drive seamless logistics operations, Microsoft’s Supply Chain solutions help enterprises to manage their end-to-end SCM practices.

With Supply Chain Solutions (SCM), you can streamline your processes and automate your data to modernize your supply chain practices. With AI efficiency and prediction capability, businesses can make informed decisions to support growth, productivity, and scalability.

Connect with Dynamics Square to know how Microsoft’s Sup

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management comes with several business-driven features that help to manage the entire supply chain practices with real-time data-driven capability. Here is the list of D365 Supply Chain Management features:

  • Asset Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Cost Management
  • Inventory Management
  • IoT Intelligence
  • Master Planning
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Product Information Management
  • Production Control
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Service Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management

Depending on your key business requirement, you would require customized features for your business. Dynamics Square can develop and implement highly customized supply chain solutions for your business.

When you can automate your data and streamline your practices while reducing costs and eliminating data redundancies, it can help you bring a smoother flow across your supply chain processes. 

D365 Supply Chain Management can help your enterprise to bring real-time data efficiency across your supply chain pipeline from managing inventories, to warehousing, to logistics management, procurement to service, and transportation management.

Since Dynamics 365 Supply Chain eliminates your manual efforts and enables access to real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions. Hence, it helps businesses to drive smarter.

When it comes to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management solutions, businesses are required to pay 135.70 pounds (approx.) per user/per month. Rest depends on your number of users; it will be calculated accordingly.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Comes with a number of modules to support your business flow and bring continuity in your supply chain pipeline with real-time access into each process. 

We understand you could have a different set of practices or flow in your supply chain, thereby Microsoft’s supply chain solution comes with the flexibility that can be customized according to your business suite and configured or integrated to support your current as well as futuristic needs.

If you want to discuss what sort of customization, integration, or configuration can be performed addressing your custom supply chain process, connect with Dynamics Square.