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Upgrade your system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to impact your sales drive and improve sound customer relationships to elevate your business values while maximizing your revenue outcomes.

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What is Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (formerly known as Dynamics CRM) helps to improve end-to-end sales practices, build & improve your customer relationship, and supports to close sales deals faster. With actionable sales insights configured for mobile devices, it helps to make instant productive decisions, engage customers, and drive effective sales strategy.

Developed on unified interface framework configured with responsiveness that facilitates users with interactive app view and navigation for any screen or device. The Sales Hub app is designed to be used by both desktops and mobile devices and comes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Plan. business central cash flow dashboard
Sales Professional App is designed similar to the Sales Hub app. The only difference is- the entities that Sales Professional app comprises are a subset of entities included in the Sales Enterprise licensing. This app comes and can be availed of with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional licensing Plan. business central cash flow dashboard

Dynamics 365 For Sales Features

Why Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales for Your Business?


Build & Improve Customer Relationship 

With a unified view of interactions and real-time engaging facilitation, connect, engage, and build customer relationships. Identify whom and how to engage to drive conversions.


Collaborate & Engage Faster

Gain visibility into the right data insights, collaborate with your sales team in real-time, and manage your end-to-end sales pipeline leveraging a single collaborated workspace.


Close Sales Faster

Leveraging AI-based insights, connect and engage with the right customers across communication channels. Meet and collaborate with your customers virtually to close sales faster.


Make Informed Decisions

With AI-based data-driven practices, automate your sales and marketing practices and make informed decisions to enable and drive continuous productivity. 

Dynamics 365 Sales Services ​

We offer a full range of services to support you on your Dynamics 365 Sales journey including implementation, upgrade and support.

Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

Proactively manage your sales with an improved customer experience by implementing Dynamics 365 Sales.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Uplift your business deliveries by simply upgrading your system with Microsoft’s Sales Management Solution.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Bring continuity and drive sales efficiency all through Dynamics 365 Sales support services.

Talk to Our Experts

Discuss and reveal a business solution best suited to your specific sales processes.

Talk to Our Experts

Discuss and reveal a business solution best suited to your specific sales processes.


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Dynamics 365 Sales


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Dynamics 365 Sales


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Dynamics 365 Sales


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Dynamics 365 For Sales FAQs

Dynamics 365 for sales is a customer relationship management software that helps to effortlessly build strong relationships with your customers and seamlessly manage your sales campaigns to close sales faster. AI-based sales insights help businesses effectively leverage their sales data to connect and engage with the right customers from anywhere and anytime. With mobile efficiency, Salespeople and Sales Managers can stay updated with any sales activity and customer behavior in real-time.

Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful sales management solution to manage sales and customers using a single app leveraging mobile devices. It helps to identify actual customers to connect and engage with them in real-time. Utilizing sales insights and customer data, salespeople can make instant and productive decisions supporting their sales campaigns. Sales managers can monitor their sales team’s performance and, if necessary, can guide them to improve things to obtain better results and ensure campaign success.

When you implement Dynamics 365 Sales, it enables sales managers to access and create excel documents without switching apps. They can even instantly create sales documents using a single interface when configured with other Microsoft apps.

To avail of a free consultation to manage your sales and customers or to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for your business, experts at Dynamics Square can help.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps enterprises to effectively roll out their sales campaigns, manage customers, and drive productivity. This sales management solution helps to streamline their sales data, connect & engage customers, and make informed decisions leveraging sales analytics to close maximized sales in a faster manner.

Dynamics 365 for Sales helps enterprises to eliminate their time-consuming manual efforts, repetitive tasks, and other redundancies. It enables businesses to focus more on their core sales tasks that drive sales, customers, profitability.

No matter what business context you belong to, out of the available CRM systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can help you bring your entire sales and customers data at the siloed interface that can be seamlessly accessed, edited, utilized, and shared with anyone in your organizational connection even without switching apps.

With Dynamics 365 Sales, everyone involved in the Sales process can access data and manage customers from anywhere and at any time using mobile or tab devices. To know how Dynamics 365 sales can help to improve your customer experience and impact your sales drive, contact experts at Dynamics Square.

Yes, Dynamics 365 Sales is available on-premises but only for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Plan not for the Sales Professional plan. Enterprise Plan comes with both the on-premises and cloud versions whereas Sales Professional license comes with cloud facilitation only.

Addressing your specific business needs and a number of user requirements, your licensing need for Dynamics 365 Sales may go different. To know your exact licensing cost, connect with Dynamics Square. Here, we are giving a rough idea of licensing to implement Dynamics 365 Sales considering the most common licensing model:

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

  • For first Dynamics 365 App – 49 pounds/ per user (approx.)
  • For Subsequent Dynamics 365 App – 15 pounds/per user (approx.)

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

  • For First Dynamics 365 App – 71.60 Pounds/per user (approx.)
  • For Subsequent Dynamics 365 App – 15 pounds/per user (approx.)

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium 

  • For First Dynamics 365 App – 101.80 Pounds/per user.

Dynamics 365 Sales helps to transform your entire sales model. It enables businesses to improve and uplift their digital sales experience. They can connect and engage the actual customers in real-time. With centralized data, Dynamics 365 Sales enables people to collaborate and process the same customer data in real-time which helps to streamline and accelerate sales.

Instant sales reports and other actionable insights help everyone in the sales team to make informed decisions in real-time as Dynamics 365 sales eliminate the need for manual data processing and repetitive tasks.

When you get handy with sales insights and customer behavior in real-time, it helps convert the leads and close the sales faster. Sales managers can monitor and control the sales process and can suggest supporting the ongoing sales process or campaign.

With predictive insights, salespeople can manage sales, customers, and can determine their priorities to impact and accelerate sales and profitability.

All you need to sign in to your Microsoft 365 account in your Sales Professional App, now select Microsoft 365 App launcher, and then Dynamics 365. The selection of the app entirely depends on the subscription you have availed of.

Now, select Sales Professional on Dynamics 365 Home Page and you are ready to navigate according to your need leveraging the Navigation bar, Site map, Data records, and other business practices available in your Dynamics 365 Sales Professional.

To know further how to efficiently make use of Microsoft Dynamics Sales features, contact Dynamics Square today, our Dynamics 365 sales experts can assist you.